"How We Got the Bible" and "Bible Appreciation Week"

- seminars by Ron Minton -

CONTENT: These are professional seminars on "How We Got the Bible." Theyare presented primarily for church members. No knowledge of Greek is required.

PURPOSE: The seminar is presented from a conservative point of view. The main purposes are:

LENGTH: The length is flexible, but most are 6-7 hours and the attendees receive a 36-page study guide. Shorter and longer presentations are available, but most prefer a 6-7 hour framework.

SCHEDULE: The schedule is flexible and adaptable to your needs, but here are some we have done:

COSTS: There are some expenses involved.

If you would like information on hosting a seminar in yourchurch on How we Got the Bible, please contact me.



NOTE: seminars are also available on "Biblical and Scientific Creation" and "Specialized Studies in the Life of Jesus".